Little World Gifts is Closed for Business

Little World Gifts is now closed for business.  To all our customers: thank you for your interest and support, and we hope you enjoyed the Little World Gifts store; bringing 3D interactive virtual gifts and virtual goods to iPhone.

What was Little World Gifts?

Little World Gifts was a UK based startup trying to revolutionise social virtual gifts on mobile. We built a platform to deliver virtual goods across iPhone and Facebook, making virtual gifts, more social and exciting, more fun and more valuable.  More about it on our Crunchbase profile.

We started working on Little World Gifts in 2009, and we were first to deliver a virtual gifts app on iPhone.  In late 2010, Little World Gifts ceased new development work and the project stopped growing. Recently we've taken the decision to archive the site, and remove the app from sale.

What people said...

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The Next Web (March '10)

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TechCrunch: (March '10)

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The Next Web (December '09)

Little World Gifts to bring virtual gifts to the iPhone just in time for Christmas
TechCrunch (November '09)

Thanks and Goodbye!

To all our colleagues and supporters xxx - too many of you to mention here but special mentions to the super talented Tian, Jonathan, Donnie & Suzie who's contributions of their works you see before you - thank you.  We hope to see you again next time we have a crazy mobile idea!

Paul & Katie